The overall objective of the EAGLE project is to improve energy efficiency of road transport vehicles. This will be performed by developing an ultra-lean spark ignition engine, adapted for future electrified powertrains. This new concept will permit to reach 50% peak brake thermal efficiency, reduce particulates and NOx emissions while using a conventional engine architecture.

In order to achieve the overall objective, the project is divided into five main objectives:

·       To develop an ultra-lean internal combustion spark ignition engine concept for future electrified powertrains.

·       To investigate and propose a solution to control the combustion stability: closed loop combustion control for extreme lean limit stabilization and thermodynamic efficiency optimization with hydrogen addition.

·       To address and investigate NOx emissions reduction technologies based on the development of a tailor-made NOx storage catalyst optimized for lean operating spark ignition engines, and in addition to investigate the benefit of hydrogen as a reducing component on the conventional NH3 SCR.

·       To simulate the combustion process and to quantify the engine efficiency (fuel consumption) and emissions (CO2, NOx) through efficient 0D quasi-dimensional models.

·       To demonstrate the benefits of our approach on a multi-cylinder engine.