The main value proposition of the EAGLE project consists in the ability to gather many major improvements at different levels of the internal combustion engine on a conventional architecture and especially at the levels of insulation coating, boosted ultra-lean combustion (with hydrogen, or with an advanced ignition system), modelling, control, sensor and NOx after-treatment.


The stake is major for Europe as hybrid vehicles market share will grow in the future to reduce CO2 emissions. These vehicles will still require, however, internal combustion engines.


Affordability of the entire hybrid powertrain can be reached through this new combustion system development. This can help European automotive industry to face new challenges concerning the environment and their competitiveness.


The innovative engine concept will

·           Demonstrate a peak efficiency of 50%

·           Support the achievement of long term fleet targets of 50 g/km CO2 on the WLTC

·           And demonstrate real driving Euro 6 values with no conformity factor


The value chain of the project may be summarized as follows:

·         Further development and dissemination of knowledge and know-how

·         Development of innovative models leading to a practical demonstration

·         Practical involvement of relevant industrial partners at each step